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Wagner Paint Sprayer – New Innovation for Effective Paint Spraying

Wagner Paint Sprayer was founded by Josef Wagner – a German electrical engineer where in 1953, he began developing an electrical paint-spraying tool for skilled contractors and homeowners a new innovation in its day, equipped with an electric drive so that it could be plugged into any socket that starts the use of paint sprayers.It is an airless sprayer that is popular and most effective paint solution which is obtainable for either commercial or residential use. It was greatly advertised for its capability to handle large areas quickly and often saves a lot of time. This is proven on providing quality and excellent performance for home improvement. This is ideal for medium to large projects applied as sprays oil or latex based products on the entire house, shed, fences and garages.If you compare Wagner paint sprayers to a traditional paint brush, it force air and paint out of a canister and so the paint comes out resulting fine mist, which when applied to a surface in even movements allows the paint to be applied with almost no marks in it. While a paint brush, if you look at an area where there has been paint applied, you can see lines through it, from the bristles.Wagner Paint Sprayer features:→ Available from entry level sprayers to high-end sprayers which suits for everyone.→ Applicable for hobbies for crafts and furniture paintings.→ Enjoy the fine surface finishes.→ Variety of models and accessories to choose from that is available in the market.→ There is a 5-foot suction set included, so you can draw straight from the can.→ When you want professional results, Wagner is there to make sure you get them.→ Wagner’s power painter plus with optimus dual tip technology is a top-of-the-line model that can handle jobs 3 times faster than brushes.→ You can apply up to 6.6 gallons of paint per hour.Wagner Paint Sprayer for Commercial PurposeAs many other people think that these tools are not applicable for commercial purpose, there are actually numerous local businesses, larger commercial projects and industrial companies are using this equipment.Wagner Paint Sprayer for Residential PurposeWagner paint sprayers are also highly recommended for home use. These appear in a selection of different sizes that are perfectly suited for altering the color on interior and exterior surfaces. You can also apply some other sprayers, such as the HVLP products on furniture or any other small finishes.Wagner sprayers have been an established business for several years and they are one of the most trusted names in paint industries that are available in the US. Not only will you save a significant quantity of time by using them, you will often be much happier with the results.