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Home Interior Decorating – Styles and Tips

Home interior decorating is a wonderful way for anyone to relay to the world their unique fashion sense. With so many ideas and styles available, someone is sure to find the one that fits their personality and taste to provide joy to themselves and others.The sky’s the limit when it comes to the different styles to choose form. Here I will provide four popular basic styles and certain elements and features they possess.1. Casual StyleA casual style room is one that has a more homey, comfortable and warm feeling to it. Casual rooms start with simplicity. Simple textured elements in fabric and simple accessories accentuate the warmth of this design. Soft furniture and arrangements that avoid perfect symmetry are also some elements used in the casual room. Casual style can be easily incorporated into many other styles as well.2. Formal StyleFormal style is mainly for people who like to attract attention and possibly envy of others. This style will work best in homes with high ceilings, large and tall windows, and some type of architectural feature such as a large fireplace or beautifully paneled walls. In the formal design it is important to have a central focal point to draw the eye. This could be that large fireplace or a beautiful picture window looking out on their well manicured lawn. Luxurious fabrics, crystal, and brass would be the ideal accessories for this type of style.3. Contemporary StyleContemporary style is for someone who likes the modern look of today. This style can be used in various types of dwellings such as: homes, offices, and stores. There are a few elements essential for this design and they are: Fundamentally, simplicity, subtle sophistication, texture and clean lines. This style showcases the space rather than the things that occupy it. keeping focus on color, space, and shape, the contemporary design comes out sleek and fresh.4. Traditional StyleTraditional style rooms are comforting and classic, not at all wild, chaotic, or outlandish. Some elements in a traditional style space includes: Classic lines and understated details for furniture upholstery and gentle curves in the furniture itself, as well as the pillows and accessories. Florals, plain colors, muted plaids, and understated stripes are some of the fabric patterns used. Traditional style rooms are comfortable for any age group.A large part of everyone’s life is spent in their homes. This list of four basic decorating styles can open a whole world of possibilities to design a home like a professional.